About Us

QUALITY GURUS FOR QUALITY & STANDARDIZATION (QG) is a subsidiary company of Innovation Excellence International Group (InnEx) which is a leading international consulting company in Europe (head office in Germany- Berlin).
QG is the executive arm in gulf and the middle east region for business management advisory and training, the head office is based in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

QG provide advisory management services to government, private sector, SMEs, and individuals to improve their competitive advantage and performance levels, and to support them in achieving their professional goals.

What We do?

QG consultancy serve businesses of all sizes and industries with a dedicated, highly qualified, and experienced team of advisors and trainers with extensive experience in:

QG consultancy always seeks to provide results more than services and focuses on how to make the clients enjoy their journey of achieving their desired goals.

Our Gurus

Our gurus are diverse mix of experts and advisors from different backgrounds and cultures. Our team is designed to fulfill the needs of our clients in terms of background/ education level/ professional accreditation/ and professional experience. Our team is mix of PhD holders and master degree holders from different countries: Germany / UK/ USA/ UAE/ Jordan/ Lebanon/ and Canada who has more than 25 years of professional experience.

Our Vision

To be a key innovative partner to improve societies’ quality of life; by adopting, implementing, and creating standards that reinforce the culture of quality and excellence for businesses and individuals.

Our mission

Adding authentic and definite value to all stakeholders, customized to the their needs, and meets the most recent standards and best practices, to continuously improve their performance toward achieving their goals.

Our Values