Consultation For Individuals

QG provide consulting services for individuals from all professional levels (CEOs/ Directors/ Managers/ Supervisors/ Officers/ Workers/ Labors/ etc.)

QG provide consulting services for individuals from different backgrounds and specialists who are working in different business sectors (government/ semi-government/ military/ police/ private/ SMEs/ manufacturing/ services/ F&B/ healthcare/ transportation/ power… etc.)

Our consulting services for individuals

Preparing and writing candidates files (submission documents) to be submitted for individual professional awards such as excellence awards/ innovation awards/ scientific and research…etc.

Our team have experts who write the submission file and collect the evidence and present them in the way that reflect the maximum value for the assessors to support our clients in achieving outstanding results in all awards categories such as:

QG also provide support in scientific research and innovation awards such as:

Also, we provide support for all kind of individual awards such as best employee award and any other internal award that created by the employer or the governance body.

One To One Coaching

QG provides one to one coaching for leaders, CEOs, senior managers, directors, and VIPs and employees from all levels.

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