Quality management & process improvement

QG provide consulting services for government/ semi-government/ private/ SMEs from all sectors such as: manufacturing/ services/ F&B/ healthcare/ transportation/ power… etc.

Our experts in QG offer clients with Quality management & process improvement Services encompassing local/ national/ and international Quality frameworks/ awards, process improvement and process re-engineering to be more effective and more efficient in order to maximize the value added to all stakeholders.

What QG Do?

Using international and well-known methodologies and strategies such as LEAN THINKING, SIX SIGMA, LEAN SIX SIGMA, DMAIC, PDCA, QUALITY MANAGEMEMT TOOLS…ETC.

QG provide support and consulting services for organizations to adopt and deploy and finally get certified with international management systems such as:

One To One Coaching

QG provides one to one coaching for leaders, CEOs, senior managers, directors, and VIPs and employees from all levels.

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